About us

We, that is Christiane and Dr. Willibald Gföhler.

Christiane works as an independent practicing cranio-sacral therapist and therapeutic masseuse. Willibald was a master watchmaker, politician, administrative lawyer, management consultant and, for the last 22 years, center director at Danube University Krems. He has been retired since July 1, 2020, but continues to review master's theses and work on various projects. Both love making music, singing, hiking, yacht sailing and traveling, especially since 2018 with the motorhome. After 3 of their 5 children had moved into their own apartments, they did not want to leave the rooms unused and therefore built the holiday apartment “Blick über Krems” in 2020. Since September 2020 they also have a little female Labrador dog.


Phone numbers

Dr. Willibald Gföhler: 0043 676 302 82 83

Christiane Gföhler: 0043 650 39 17 166

Directions: Google Maps leads you in Krems via Kreuzbergstraße to our house, that is a bit laborious. If you enter Steinertor (Utzstraße 1) as an intermediate destination, you will then get an easier route via Stadtgraben to Wachtbergstraße 32.

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Neighborly courtesy and a certain order are basic requirements for all residents of the house to feel comfortable. These house rules regulate the corresponding rights and obligations that must be observed by all residents without exception.


• Avoidable noise must be omitted, especially between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. it is particularly important to take this into account. When using TVs, radios, CD players, and other devices, please keep room volume or use headphones.

• Celebrating parties and inviting other people is prohibited.


• Children in the holiday home are only allowed to play in the fenced off area in front of the terrace. Children are not allowed to be alone in the basement and stairwell. Parents are responsible for their children.


• The front doors must always be kept closed in the cold season. The doors must be locked between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

• Escape routes must be kept clear. This applies to the entrance to the house as well as in the vestibule and stairwell. If prams do not block the escape routes or obstruct other residents, they can be parked in the entrance or stairwell.

• Grilling with charcoal, the use of the radiant heater and the fire basket are generally permitted on the terrace in compliance with the respective usage regulations. However, make sure that other residents are not annoyed by smoke or noise.

• If water pipes are leaking, please inform the landlord immediately.

• The doors in the bathroom and in the kitchen may only be tilted.


• For longer stays, we generally change towels every three days. Please put this in the laundry bag that is in front of the bathroom window and put it in front of the apartment door. If you want to use the towels longer for ecological reasons, please put them in the sack later.

• Please ensure that you separate your rubbish and dispose of your waste only in the containers provided under the sink in the kitchen. The disposal of bulky goods or hazardous waste is not permitted in these containers.

• Please treat the holiday home, the terrace and the garden as gently as possible. The following tenants will thank you.


• For longer stays in the holiday apartment, the bathroom in particular must be sufficiently ventilated to prevent mold from forming. To do this, please tilt the bathroom window. • When cooking, please tilt the kitchen window to reduce the kitchen haze.

• Avoid ventilating the apartment towards the stairwell.


• Motorized vehicles may be parked along the concrete wall in front of the neighboring house No. 34 on the public property. • Please note that Tempo 30 applies in Wachtbergstrasse. • Please park bicycles on the right in front of the house entrance.

Home delivery

• If you use your smartphone to deliver food, for example, please inform the deliverer that he should not use the house bell when he arrives, but also his smartphone.


• Pets are not allowed.